The Color Orange… Flamboyant—Warm—Jovial

The Color Orange: Glass Works 13
The Color Orange: Glass Works 13

The color orange excites the senses. Orange invigorates the body and stimulates mental activity.

Desire, creativity, emotion, pleasure, and intimacy…these are all terms associated with the flamboyant color orange.

Color therapists use orange to promote joy and counteract depression.

Orange is the color of the extrovert, the adventurer and risk-taker.

Orange also connotes a creative flair, a sense of enthusiasm, and spontaneity.

And as Frank Sinatra once said, “Orange is the happiest color.”

Colors are known to invoke an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

As a photographer, I challenged myself to create images that featured a dominant color chosen for its beneficial characteristics.

The Color Orange: Glass Works 16

I hope I have captured the wonderful characteristics of orange in the photographs Glass Works 13 and 16.

Please take a closer look at a larger version of these two photographs, plus more color-themed images by following the links below.

Stay tuned—I’ll be featuring more images and their good-for-the-soul color characteristics in future posts.

Glass Works 13

Glass Works 16


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