Practice The Rule Of 5

I am reading Jack Canfield’s book The Success Principles–How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

Of course, you recognize Canfield as one of the co-creators of the Chicken Soup For The Soul series.

The book consists of a series of success principles, each one short and to the point. It makes for easy to digest chunks of inspiration information. I am tying to discipline myself to read one or two principles each morning during my planning time.

Principle 23 is Practice The Rule Of 5.

I often find myself full of ideas and plans that will take me down the path to achieving a goal or finishing a project. The problem is I usually look at all the things I want or need to do and confusion sets in.

Where do I start? What do I do first?

Or doubt will rear its ugly head and shout, “This is too big, Randy. It’s beyond your capabilities!”

Canfield’s Principle 23 divides any task into bite size chunks, and helps make even the most ambitious project less intimidating.

Practice The Rule Of 5 simply tells you to do five things each and every day that will move you closer to achieving your goal. You can make the five tasks as small as you want.

In the past I have let weeks pass by (okay, if Linda is reading this, maybe it’s months) not accomplishing five tasks. I have let confusion and lack of direction lead to inaction!

What a difference this simple strategy could make in all areas of our lives. Take any goal and ask yourself what five things could you do today–no matter how small– that would represent progress. Five things a day too much? How about beginning with five things per week? Surely if the goal is worth reaching, or the project worth finishing, you can take five steps forward in a week.

And what about your relationships? What five things can you do to improve your relationship with your spouse, a child, a co-worker?

Progress towards any goal, professional or personal, is certainly good for the soul. I for one will be practicing the rule of five.

Rocky the Cat

Rocky the Cat

We have two cats, Rocky and Casper. Rocky loves to circle my chair every time I sit down at the computer keyboard.  I don’t know how he knows, but I swear he can be sound asleep two floors above, and the instant I wake up the computer he is at my feet. Rocky will yell at me in little yaps until I hoist his 15 pounds of yellow and brown fur from the floor. He insists I hold him across my chest with his head snuggled between my shoulder and ear. I’ll lean back in my chair and gently message the back of his neck. If I do it just right his little eyes close and the purring begins. I read somewhere that a cat’s purr is as pure an expression of love as is possible from an animal to a human. Rocky never tires of the ritual, and I always feel as if the hassles of the day are less significant. A cat purring in your ear is good for the soul. (Image Info: Taken with Fuji F60 camera as Rocky napped on my lap. Manual exposure mode, flash off, center-weighted metering.)

Enhance Your Energy Field With Photographs

Tiger Lily by Randy Grosse Photography

I am a huge fan of anything written by Dr. Wayne Dyer. In fact, one of the reasons I still enjoy calling myself a photographer relates directly to Dr. Dyer’s belief that photography is a form of energy reproduction, and that every photograph contains energy that can enhance our lives.

In his book The Power of Intention he writes, “Arrange photographs of nature, animals, and expressions of joy and love in your environment, and let their energy radiate into your heart and provide you with their higher frequency.”

Look around you. If your environment does not include photographs that inspire you, make you feel joy, and remind you of the beauty that life has to offer, then it’s time for an energy field upgrade.

Hello Fellow Souls!

Welcome to the Good Soul Stuff blog. This is the place to explore everything and anything that’s good for the soul.

Most posts will have some connection to the art of photography. (See my about page for a further explanation of the photography / soul connection.)

Along the way we’ll also explore some self-development topics, books, music, movies, and possibly even enjoy some good wine and food. . .

After all, if it’s good for your soul, it’s Good Soul Stuff.