The Color Brown… Stability-Depth-Elegance

The Color Brown

Colors are known to invoke an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

Brown is the color of the earth. It creates a connection with all things natural, and imparts a wholesome feeling.

Brown is also associated with the material side of life. It’s believed if you dream of the color brown you will be lucky with money.

American Indians believe the color brown represents the power of self-discipline. Brown brings us back down to earth by calming our emotions and arousing common sense.

Brown is the color of choice when you are looking to create a sense of warmth, naturalness and dependability.

As a photographer, I challenged myself to create images that featured a dominant color chosen for its beneficial characteristics.

The images Water Works 03, Glass Works 01, and Glass Works 18 feature the qualities of the color brown.

To take a closer look at these images follow the gallery links listed below.

Stay tuned—I’ll be featuring more images and their good-for-the-soul color characteristics in future posts.