What A Way To Live…

What a pleasant surprise…


I thought I bought a business book, and it is that, but it’s also so much more.

What a Way to Live and Make a Living–The Lyman P. Wood Story, is really a guide to living life on your own terms.

Oh sure, this is a first-rate how-to book on direct mail and direct mail advertising.

The surprise is as you read you realize Mr. Wood is providing a blueprint for living a self-sufficient lifestyle based on five principles:

  1. Be Thankful Always
  2. Be Giving Always
  3. Be Forgiving Always
  4. Be Self-helpful Always
  5. Be Faithful Always

These five principles are described in detail in Chapter 12, “The Pursuit of Happiness.” For me this chapter alone was worth the price of the book,

If you are interested in some sage business advice from a man credited with fostering $500 million dollars a year in industry for Vermont (1993 Dollars), all while living a self-sufficient life away from the hustle and pressure of big-city business, then I highly recommend you grab a copy of this book while it’s still in print.

I got mine from Amazon.

The Lyman P. Wood Story — Good Soul Stuff for sure!

All the best,