Watering The Flowers

Untitled design (1)I started carrying my cell phone with me when it’s my turn to water the flowers.

Mind you, not so I wouldn’t miss a call.

No, I carried the phone to use the camera. I needed to turn the chore of watering into something I would enjoy.

Taking pictures forced me to slow down, concentrate, and enjoy the view.

Using Instagram I turn each photograph into my own little creation.

Now I look forward to watering the flowers.

But, don’t tell my wife, she may want her turn at watering back. I think it’s best if we just let her think I’m a good guy shouldering all the watering work.

Grab your phone next time you head outside. Silence the phone, and turn on the camera.

In my book, a camera phone plus Instagram equals Good Soul Stuff!

Gotta go – the flowers are looking thirsty!