The Color Yellow… Warmth—Joy—Awakening

The Color Yellow

Yellow, the color of sunlight and warmth symbolizes an awakening of the intellect, and is associated with patience, tolerance and loyalty.

Yellow is energetic, uplifting and light-hearted.

In mythology yellow is Apollo’s color, the god of light and knowledge.

Yellow artwork in your environment will increase energy and stimulate creative thoughts.

Colors are known to invoke an emotional response, impact mood, and even have healing powers.

As a photographer, I challenged myself to create images that featured a dominant color chosen for its beneficial characteristics.

The photograph Glass Works 23 features the warmth of the color yellow accented with tranquil and comforting hues of blue and green.

For a closer look at a larger version of this photograph, plus more color-themed images, please follow the links below.

Stay tuned—I’ll be featuring more images and their good-for-the-soul color characteristics in future posts.